A Brief History

The World

  Utiscyren is a captivating land. From her warm rolling hills to her frigid snowy peeks, roaring sea storms to the very bowels of her deepest cavern. Named after the most beloved of all human Gods, Utiscyren - The Mother, the very wind is angelic breath given form. Though this is not every being's belief, it is a generally respected concept to those who want to make this land their home. Utiscyren makes up a shield shaped continent as well as several southren isles. The top of the shield holds the frozen mountainous region of the Northern Peeks, the lowest point of which holds the human city Blackleigh Precipice. From the midwest to the mideast a more temperate climate can be found. Many hills a valleys run across the mid ground between the human city of Harlston in the west and Arvendon to the east. Harlston is often known for its cooperation and relations with the Dwarfs that life in the near by mountains. Oppositely, Arvendon has slowly become more and more occupied by local elves looking to live life away from their near by home in the Undergrowth .  Further south many a small town can be found amongst the vast, open grounds of the planestriders. Finally, the bottom tip of the shield  hold the Chained Iles. Several small islands physically chained together by massive steel chains which guide transport ships through the notorious southern sea storms. The Chained Iles are a place of free trade, piracy, and its well known slave markets. 



The focus and setting of this campaign is obscured, but rightly so. Regardless of race, social class, occupation, or notoriety; you find yourself living a very normal life for someone in your shoes. Gold and politics govern everything in this world and you are just trying to get by, ahead even. Your characters can be knights of one of the three major human cities, a thief waiting for the gallows, a farmer just trying to feed his kids, it's up to you! The world is a fantasy midevil setting void of magic, beasts, monsters. In fact, the very idea of such things are so ancient they are rarely recalled in stories.

However, things have been strange lately.. there have been murmur of a comet of blue and black sparks falling over the southern planes. The likes of which have not been seen in several centuries. People talk of a strange sickness taking hold in a few towns through-out Utiscyren. The afflicted are said to talk and act strangely! Soldiers rounding people up! The stories go on and on. You have heard your fair share of tall tales, however, with every passing traveler you hear more reports of these happenings. 

Then, you noticed it. Whether it happened from surprise, rage, joy, fear.. you made something happen. Something you have never witnessed in your life. Like magic of old, your reaction made something happen. Not even a fort night later you found soldiers asking for your name. Around every corner you saw their shining armor gleam. Finally, whether willing or not, the soldier apprehended you. You know little of where your going, what you be doing. All you know for certain is you've been conscripted. Your life is no longer your own.


A Brief History

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